Authentic Dairy, Animal Free

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What We Do

We make dairy products without using cows, but how?

We provide yeast with instructions (in the form of genes) on how to make proteins identical to those found in cow’s milk . The yeast are grown in a fermenter, where they act as mini milk‑protein production factories
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Mixing Bowl
The milk‑proteins are extracted from the fermenter, purified, and combined with healthy plant fats and sugars to create our dairy products - no cows involved!
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Delicious Dairy
Milk proteins are largely responsible for the sensory and functional attributes of dairy. This means that our animal-free products are just as creamy, stretchy, melty, indulgent and delicious as the dairy you know and love!

Meet the team


Jean Louwrens


Jean, with a background in global trade, is the guy conducting the businessey side of De Novo Dairy. He is driven by his vision of using these tiny little organisms to make a big huge impact on the food system.

Richard Grieves


Our resident engineer, Richard keeps De Novo Dairy's millions of micro factories running at full capacity. Last seen trying to instruct yeast cells on the benefits of matrix management.

Dr Leah Bessa


Leah is our very own mad food scientist, who found her passion for creating novel foods through her work with edible insects, plant-based milks and now these epic milk-making yeast machines.

Joni Symon

Head Protein R&D

Joni is our biochemist, yeast micro-manager, and protein enthusiast. Favourite pastimes include cooking up milk proteins in the lab and desperately seeking out some decent vegan pizza.

We just grow what we need, the milk protein, using less land, less water and less energy

No Cows Required.